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JP-H09277764-A: Optical card with ic patent, JP-H09277834-A: 車両用車椅子積降し装置 patent, JP-H09278142-A: ベルトコンベア patent, JP-H09278439-A: 多孔性酸化第二錫一体成型製作方法 patent, JP-H09278476-A: Apparatus for producing optical fiber preform patent, JP-H09278729-A: 水溶性単量体およびその製造方法 patent, JP-H09278827-A: Polyvinyl alcohol composition and preparation thereof and packaging material patent, JP-H09279217-A: Slag coating method into molten metal vessel patent, JP-H09279734-A: 外壁パネルの支持構造 patent, JP-H09280271-A: クラッチレリーズ軸受装置 patent, JP-H09280278-A: ブレーキディスクロータ patent, JP-H0928061-A: Stator for motor patent, JP-H09280887-A: Rotation detector patent, JP-H09281169-A: Measuring apparatus patent, JP-H09281450-A: 跳ね上げ式メガネフレーム patent, JP-H09282172-A: プログラミング言語コンパイラ patent, JP-H09282185-A: リアルタイムシステムおよびその資源管理方法 patent, JP-H0928229-A: 養殖魚の生体防御促進物質 patent, JP-H0928277-A: ケーキ用起泡剤 patent, JP-H09282850-A: Moving image data-processing method patent, JP-H09282908-A: 車輌用前照灯 patent, JP-H09283648-A: 表面実装型気密パッケージ patent, JP-H0928364-A: 食物洗浄装置 patent, JP-H09284172-A: Contactless data transmission/reception method and its equipment patent, JP-H09284329-A: Virtual lan system over plural switches patent, JP-H09285706-A: Electrical-connection structure of bathwater circulating and purifying device patent, JP-H09286145-A: Displaying method of registered abodes, printing method of address and equipment therefor patent, JP-H09286248-A: 推進軸支持装置 patent, JP-H09286540-A: シート材搬送装置及び画像形成装置 patent, JP-H09286556-A: 用紙収容装置 patent, JP-H0928659-A: 内視鏡形状検出装置 patent, JP-H09286875-A: Expanded refractory patent, JP-H09287061-A: 平版印刷版用支持体の製造方法 patent, JP-H09287235-A: Opening/closing type roof device patent, US-2010030166-A1: Manually-actuated, reduced-pressure systems for treating wounds patent, JP-H09287592-A: Impeller made of soft material and submerged pump using it patent, JP-H09287663-A: Metal gasket patent, JP-H092877-A: 摺動部材用窒化珪素系焼結体及びその製造方法 patent, JP-H09287908-A: Method and system for measuring position on road and apparatus suitable for the same patent, JP-H09288221-A: リボン型光ファイバの突き合せ部を観察する方法及び観察装置 patent, JP-H09288571-A: Program down loading system patent, JP-H09289011-A: 非水電解質二次電池 patent, JP-H0928988-A: Small amount water draining type washing machine patent, JP-H09290401-A: 木材切断装置 patent, JP-H0929140-A: 液充填用ノズル patent, JP-H09292179-A: 焼成方法及び焼成装置 patent, JP-H09292787-A: Fixing heater, fixing device and image forming device patent, JP-H09293655-A: Projection aligner patent, JP-H09293947-A: 立体成形回路基板の製造方法 patent, JP-H09294421-A: Rice transplanter with fertilizing apparatus patent, JP-H09294774-A: Outdoor self-traveling type wheelchair for hemiplegic person patent, JP-H09295318-A: パイロットピン付成形金型 patent, JP-H09296214-A: Method and equipment for solid forming austempering treatment patent, JP-H09296271-A: プラズマcvd反応室清掃方法及びプラズマエッチング方法 patent, JP-H09296641-A: 開閉蓋の施錠装置 patent, JP-H09297196-A: 配管切断方法 patent, JP-H09298091-A: Dimming device patent, JP-H09298180-A: シリコンウエハーの洗浄方法 patent, JP-H09298726-A: Multi-point communication system patent, JP-H09298781-A: ワイヤレス受信装置 patent, JP-H09299388-A: Artificial breast for sucking and adhering to breast and breast-shaped breast forming and swelling device patent, JP-H09301122-A: On-vehicle entanglement warning device patent, JP-H09302920-A: Gondola device for slope spray work patent, JP-H09303599-A: 内燃機関の動弁装置 patent, JP-H09303712-A: Attaching method for radiant tube patent, JP-H09303721-A: 低NOxガス燃焼装置 patent, JP-H09304107-A: Navigator patent, JP-H09304245-A: 呼気捕集装置 patent, JP-H09304517-A: Millimeter-wave imaging radar patent, JP-H09305213-A: Robot controller patent, JP-H09305683-A: Electronic cash method with trust institute patent, JP-H09306211-A: ホログラム電気スタンド patent, JP-H09306395-A: 平面型表示装置およびその製造方法 patent, JP-H09306446-A: バッテリー実装構造 patent, JP-H09306912-A: 半導体素子の配線形成方法 patent, JP-H09307024-A: チップキャリア patent, JP-H09307523-A: Sdh relay system patent, JP-H0930763-A: 屋外用コンベア装置 patent, JP-H09308221-A: 回転機械へのスラスト負荷の印加装置 patent, JP-H09308421-A: 防虫材 patent, JP-H09308660-A: 棺用布団心材および棺用布団 patent, JP-H09308930-A: Seaming roll for can winding-fastening machine patent, JP-H09309563-A: 樹脂性容器の防水構造および製造方法 patent, JP-H09309649-A: テープ巻取装置 patent, JP-H09310574-A: Earth drill machine patent, JP-H09310884-A: 空気調和機 patent, JP-H09311894-A: 複数職員間情報共有システム patent, JP-H0931199-A: オルガノシロキサン共重合体及びその製造方法 patent, JP-H0931216-A: ポリ乳酸系シート patent, JP-H09314546-A: ワイヤソーのチルチングユニット patent, JP-H09314627-A: Simulation apparatus of trial operation for injection molding machine patent, JP-H09314877-A: Thermal head and its production patent, JP-H09315391-A: Rudder patent, JP-H09315395-A: 計器板表示器の制御方法 patent, JP-H09315522-A: Crane for automated warehouse patent, JP-H09316531-A: 連続式加熱炉の燃焼制御方法 patent, JP-H09316753-A: Tape head for gripper loom and its production patent, JP-H09316942-A: 給水装置 patent, JP-H09317081-A: Reinforcing bar arranging structure of concrete panel for building patent, JP-H09317436-A: マフラ構造 patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, 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